Ches mok pi rean

  “Ches mok pi rean,mean mok pi rork”
“Knowledge comes from learning, wealth from business”
    – Cambodian Saying

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We believe that every child deserves the right to an education, this is why our education centre in Samrong, Cambodia, provides education to underprivileged children in North West Cambodia..


Samrong is the capital city of the Otdar Meanchey province , in North West Cambodia, which remains to be one of the poorest provinces. In 2011, the enrolment at primary school in the province was 36,247 children. This drops dramatically to 6,597 children for lower secondary school level. For enrolment at upper secondary school level, the figure drops lower to 2,863children.

These figures have been horrifically shrinking over the years, so we have stepped in to help them grow, to allow each child access to the full education they deserve. After looking at the problems, we addressed the needs by:

  1. Running a sponsorship programme in Otdar Meanchey province, which supports impoverished families and sends their children to school
  2. Opening an education centre in Samrong (since 2006) offers extra tuition (18h/week) as well as extra-curricular activities
  3. Opening five foster houses, which welcome the more distant students and gives them access to secondary education

DSCN1834This year, whilst receiving a grant to help us support the education centre, most of the funding has come from the support of the British 10K London race runners in July, which we are so grateful for. The amount of improvements made is so overwhelming and we are so pleased. We are even more delighted to tell you that there have been 320 student beneficiaries for 2013. When taking into account of the families of the students, over 1,500 lives have been improved. Among them, 153 students will receive a free tuition and 52 students have been hosted in a foster home.

DSCN1846sponsorship distribution

If you’d like to know more information and some of the technical details about the project, you can learn more here: Samrong education centre. You can also check out our video to experience the daily life of the students in our centre here!

Please get in touch if you’d like to become a sponsor and add to these growing numbers.

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