The Mulberry Leaf

'The Mulberry Tree' - Van Gogh (1888)

“With time and patience the mulberry leaf becomes a silk gown.”

– Chinese Proverb

‘The Mulberry Tree’ – Van Gogh (1888)



Take your imagination back to 4500 BCE. The Princess of Asia, Si-Ling-Sh, gracefully sips her tea beneath the Mulberry Tree. Now skip forward to 1300 CE; the silkworm begins to bread in Cambodia.  701 years later, Soiries du Mekong is set up.

Soieries du Mekong  was set up by Enfants du Mekong (the French headquarters of COTM), and creates unique and ethical hand woven silk scarves, using traditional Cambian craftsmanship. Soieries du Mekong has a mission to fight against the rural emigration through training and human and financial support for its artisans over time. They specifically select young women over the age of 18 who meet the criteria of motivation and income. These women are trained in weaving for a six month period, which is followed by another six months of practical training, which is paid under fair conditions, and with a higher wage to the average wage of the village. Once this training cycle is completed, the weavers and artisans become self-employed, with a borrowed fund by the Soieries du Mekong business.


The label has began selling its upscale fashionable accessories in over 15 stores throughout France, producing new collections twice a year for men, women and children. You can also send the scarves as a business gift, where they will be wrapped up beautifully and individually in tissue paper and a gift box.

Have a look at their online store. You can see more of the collection and learn a bit about the history and the weavers here .

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Currently, Soieries du Mekong have been selling some of their scarves in the UK for less than two years (click here to have a browse). However, the label are trying to branch out their sales within the UK even further. We’d love to get in touch with anybody who’d like to sell our scarves in their stores and boutiques, so send us an email if you’re interested: 



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