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A few days ago, we updated you about our development project in Samrong. We are thrilled about the progress of the school, education rates and child sponsors. However, we realise that just telling you how happy we are, might not be enough to convince you about the effect our programme has had. So, we leave you with not only one, not two, but four student testimonies  from earlier this year.

MoeurpAgn Meurp
My name is Ang Meurp, I was born in Kok Khpos village. I study in grade 10 in Samrong high school. In my family we are seven, 2 brothers and 5 sisters. 3 of them stopped school, and 3 are married. I am the only one who continue studying. When I was younger, as my parents live in Sras Sran Village, far from the school where I was studying, I was living with my grand mother in Kok Khpos . The situation was complicated. In 2008 when I was in grade 7, “Enfant du Mekong” came in my village and they proposed me to support me. I reach the exam : I was so happy and my family also. Because of EDM, I could continue to learn in the school!! It was a wonderful surprise for me : until then, I was thinking I could not reach anything in my life because of my poor family… In 2010 my gran mother died, and I was alone in her house.  Unfortunately, my parents wanted me to stop school and to come back with them… but I love school and I didn’t want to stop! The voulunteer bamboo knew about this situation and proposed me to come in Samrong in the foyer.  This volunteer saved my life! I will never forget her!!! Now I study very well and I’d like to be an accounting.


San Kim
My name is Sam Kim. I am 16 years old. I study in Grade 8 in Samrong. I have 4 brothers and 2 sisters. They all stopped school, and 3 are married. Two of my eldest brothers have a mental disease. I was born in Srei Ban Village in the south of Phnom Penh. Because of the impossibility to find a job there, all my family moved for Otdar Meancheay Province. They are living near Samrong in my oncle’s house. My parents are poor and they don’t have any field, so they went to Thaïland to find money and to be able to support my family. At the beginning of the year I pass the exam with “Enfant du Mekong”. My family didn’t have enough money to let me continue to go to school. It was a great opportunity for me to continue! I accepted immediately to come in the Foyer in Samrong. I’m very happy to be here, and I think there is no place better than here. I have a lot of new friends here, and I want to be a translator.

KonthearAnn Konthear
I’m 19 years old and I was born on 29 october 1994 at Soeung Village.  My family lives in Kok Mon commune. We are 7 brothers ans sisters in my family. I have an older brother, Khyen, which is disable (physical and mental disease) ; he stays on a wheel chair. Two others brothers are “sourds-muets”. My family is very poor ;  I’ve got a sponsorship since grade 3. I studied in my village school and then I’ve got the opportunity to study in Samrong. I’m very happy because I’ve got here a lot of new friends, very good teachers ; the members staff of “Enfant du Mekong” are very kind with me. It’s a very good place for education and life style. I am very proud to be part in this EDM family. For me all the volunteers who came here are like my eldest brothers and sisters. I’m a very lucky man to be a student in “Enfant du Mékong”. I want to do something great in my life being an engineer or a teacher.


Sae Sombat
I’m a 15 years old. I was born in 10 october 1999, in Sombour Village. I’m now in grade 8 in Samrong Secondary school. I’ve 2 brothers and 2 sisters. I’m the oldest. My parents are divorced. My father left from the house; I live with my mother since I’m 8 years old. Then, my mother got married several times. She left my village two years ago to go in Thaïland. There, she works as a builder. These two last years, it’s my grand-mother who took care of my youngest brothers and sisters. But some days, ago, my grand-mother left also the village to go in Thailand. Normally, she will be back after 3 or 4 months. During all this period, my brothers and sisters will be alone to take care of themselves. I pass the exam of “Enfants du Mekong”  when I was 10 years Old. Since then, I’m very happy to be here, for studying, and also for the friends we can make here. Teachers and the volunteer’s are very generous with us. In the future, I want to be a teacher. My favorites subjects are math and physics.


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