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Children of the Mekong is a young UK charity. We are grateful for all of our sponsors and volunteers and we appreciate any help we can get. We are always looking for new and passionate people to work with and provide flexible internship programmes too. Over the past summer, Alice interned for COTM. Now that her internship is over, we’ve asked Alice to do a short interview, reflecting on her time and work with the charity. If you’re interested in working with us, take a quick look!


How long have you been working with ‘Children of the Mekong’?
I worked for 3 months with COTM, from beginning of June to end of August 2013.

How did you hear about the charity?
I knew ‘Enfants du Mekong’ in Paris because it’s a big organisation in France. Then Eugenie Prouvost talked to me about the UK branch in London, COTM.

Why did you decide to intern with COTM over other, and possibly bigger charities?
As part of my studies, I had to complete an internship. I choose COTM because it’s a small charity facing big challenges. It means that there are important issues and a lot to do and to develop. Moreover, it’s located in London so I could improve my English. For these reasons it was very interesting for me.

What are you studying at the moment and how has working with COTM helped your course?
I’m doing a Master in Geopolitics and International Relations. COTM opened me up to a wider vision of international development and it is an illustration on how we can help building developing countries.

What was your role in the charity?
As any volunteer, I tried to give my best. I didn’t have one specific task but I participated in COTM’s Fundraising, Communication and Programs. For example, I helped developing projects such as Schools’ partnership, providing logistic support for events like British 10K, raising funds by identifying trusts and foundations and sending grants applications, creating the volunteers’ network, tools for Monitoring & Evaluation system…

What are you doing for the charity at the moment, now that your internship is over?
Since the end of my internship, I try to keep involved in COTM raising funds. I work from home -from France- on applications for funding and stay in touch with the Operations Manager.

Now that you are in France, will you be working with ‘Enfants du Mekong’?
‘Enfants du Mekong’ and COTM do not offer the same work conditions and challenges. Furthermore, COTM has many assets -a dynamic team of volunteers, an institutional environment well organised, a socio-economic framework very developed…- that’s why I would prefer staying in touch with the UK organisation.

What has been your favourite part of working with COTM?
Being involved in projects and events forCOTM has been a very exciting part of the work. It gives life to COTM’s mission; it increases its visibility and gives sense to our actions.

We wish you good luck with completing your degree, Alice!

If you’re interested in volunteering your time and skills to work with us, please feel free to contact us or send your CV to Amy .


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