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Bow ties are cool

“Bow ties are cool.” 
– The Doctor, ‘Doctor Who’

21st April saw the graduation of one of our most hard working students, Mark Ando, who graduated 3rd out of a class of over 80 students. Mark has been supported by a number of sponsors since he was young and after 8 years of self-questioning, patience and determination, he is now qualified as a doctor of medicine. The award ceremony was celebrated with great pomp in the American style; academic robes and caps, a hail of flash photography, make-up, young women in high heels, young men in suits… It could not have been outdone by La Croisette during the Cannes Film Festival!

grad pic 03This doctorate is a great achievement for Mark, but it is only one stage of his qualifications, as he still has a long road ahead to go until he can be a practicing doctor. After 2 weeks of rest, Mark has returned to the busy hospital pace, stethoscopes and all. After a year of interning in different wards, mark will sit the “board exam”, which is the national examination, a necessary and compulsory step before becoming a recognised practitioner.1st month as PGI in mactan doctors

At the moment, Mark doesn’t know whether he would like to take another course to specialise his qualifications, but the coming year of intern experience will give him plenty of time to think about it. For now, he will be concentrating on his practical work and revision for his board exam. Despite the exam being almost a year away, he has already drafted up a revision schedule! Talk about organisation skills!

Regardless of his very busy life, Mark still manages to make a few visits to the Children of the Mekong Cebu Centre, the university centre he attended. Acting as an affectionate elder brother, Mark takes the time and care to talk to everyone, sowing concern and providing reassurance to the younger students.

My parents and me

Both mark and his parents will be forever unboundedly grateful to all of his supporters. His success and achievement is a perfect example of the difference a sponsorship can make, and the help we can provide.

As people say in Cebu, Salamat kaayo!

Thank you very much…!

1 + 2 = 3

School in the UK has now begun for about a month. Don’t worry kids, half term will come along soon enough!

On a more relevant note, earlier this year we began constructing a second school in Ban Koy, you can read our update about it here if you haven’t done so yet. The funding for that project was entirely organised by the head girl and head boy of Bryanston School in Dorset. Now that school in the UK has commenced, we’d like to give all of our student (and teacher) readers something to consider.

Let’s do some Maths.

Sponsorship for one child costs £24 per month
Average number of pupils in a school class is 24 students
Sponsorship one class would pay a month is £24
Sponsorship each student would pay a month is £1

That’s right, ONE little pound.

Let’s take the math a little further and take a secondary school for example.
In this school there are seven years. Each year has five different tutor groups, each of 24 students. If each class sponsored a child, how many disadvantaged children would the whole school provide a future for?

7 X 5 = 35 Children

And let’s not forget how much the staff could raise if they donated £1 a month too.

We are a growing charity in the UK and we appreciate all of the sponsors and donations we receive, so please, if you can give us a hand.