Soieries du Mékong at Asia House Winter Fair

Fusion of French creativity and Cambodian craft that will captivate you this festive season. 

Discover the beauty of hand weaving reflected in Soieries du Mékong’s products. The brand  specialises in making scarves from exceptionally high quality silk. The intensity of colours, lush texture of the fabric and flawlessly finished fringe make each piece simply beautiful.

With help from Soieries du Mékong, Cambodian women from Banteay Chmar village can continue the ancestral art of silk weaving. Their commitment and excellence is seen at every stage of work – from the dyeing process to the finishing touches. Designers and weavers often meet to work together and exchange ideas about weaving techniques. Interplay of the lines, reflection of the light and natural variations of the fabric are the soul of these scarves. Respect for traditional skills is also the brand’s signature.

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Children of the Mekong, the UK branch of Enfants du Mékong, will be one of the exhibitors at the upcoming Asia House Winter Fair. Soieries du Mékong’s wonderful scarves and other silk products will be on display for all those looking for unique gifts this winter. Join us in developing socially responsible fashion world in such lively atmosphere of Christmas.

Each item will be signed with its weaver’s name and picture. Satisfied customers are also given a fantastic opportunity to check the Soieries du Mékong website and see a film dedicated to the artisan who made their particular scarf.

About Soieries du Mékong

In 2001, Enfants du Mékong and Espoir en Soie founded Banteay Chmar Weaving Centre in North West Cambodia where young women are trained in the art of silk weaving.  Empowering women from rural areas as well as providing them with decent work that values their expertise were the main aims of the project. Around 90 weavers have been trained and fostered since then.

In 2006, Soieries du Mékong was established to promote and sell products created at Banteay Chmar. The brand is especially committed to fair trade business practices. Ethical standards of production are also implemented since Enfants du Mékong, the NGO behind the project, is the majority shareholder of Soieries du Mékong.

Contact: Eugenie