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Why so many choose to volunteer?

In recent years, university graduates face the toughest jobs market in recent memory. Nowadays, just a good academic degree is not enough to stand out from the competition. As a graduate or student you must always try to improve your CV by seeking work experience, voluntary work and look for ways to enhance and gain new skills. This will give you more chances to get noticed by employers when you apply for jobs, and you can justify your words with real facts. A great way to gain this valuable experience is through volunteering for charities, either by helping in their fundraising activities or by working in the charity for the area of your study, whether this is marketing, finance or law. The team at has gathered some important reasons which showcase the benefits of working for charities, both on a personal and professional level for university students and graduates.

volunteers1Volunteering is not only a great way to gain practical experience. It can help you stand out from the hundreds of candidates that apply for the same job. It can also contribute towards your personal development, for instance your organisational skills and confidence while it also gives you the opportunity to contribute to something you really care about. You will learn, enhance, expand your knowledge and gain some real world experience.

Volunteering and helping others who are in need of your services can also be very satisfying on a personal level while it can also teach you skills that are essential to potential employers.

Have in mind that you might be offered a full time paid job at the charity you volunteer with. Thus, a voluntary work has always the potential to turn into a permanent full time contract if you impress the organisation. Many charities offer a variety of job opportunities, whatever your chosen career.

Voluntary work in a charity can look great on your CV. If you have obvious gaps on your CV then this will not make a good impression to the companies you’re applying for. Working for charities it is an excellent way to fill this gap and enhance your CV while showing that you have been active.

After including charity work on your CV, the chances of being called for an interview instantly volunteer-11112302increase. The interview, is your perfect opportunity to impress your potential employers by mentioning your experiences and skills you have gained, and giving examples of what you learned throughout your voluntary work for the charity you worked for. Employers are well aware of the advantages of volunteering and working for non-profit organizations and appreciate the devotion and initiative that is required by volunteers.

Lastly, working for charities will give you the chance to meet new people, make connections, try new stuff and meanwhile have some fun!

Are you convinced yet?

If you or anyone you know might be interested in working for charities, then head over to where you can find a variety of related jobs!