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Interns wanted!

We are looking for interns to join our team for fall (September to December).


About the role

Where? : Lavender Hill, London SW11 5RL (Southwest London)

When? : All year long, 1 month minimum (ideally 3 months).

Working days: Monday to Saturday, 9.30-6.30. (5 days a week)

Paid? : Unpaid. Transport allowance of £50/month.

What does it involve? :  Both work in the charity’s office and shop.

1) In the office: Coming up with new fundraising ideas and organising them, helping create and re-phrase reports, newsletters and blogs on the charity’s progress, preparing grants applications, and running the charity’s Twitter and Facebook accounts.

2) In the shop: Running the till, providing good customer service and making sales, organising and pricing stock, keeping the shop tidy, keeping track of the shop‘s accounts; and eventually acting as shop leader: delegating roles to other volunteers throughout the day and being responsible of closing and opening the shop.

What do I need to do this job? : No specific work experience is required. However we do ask that candidates possess the following skills.

Good English writing skills and the ability to use Microsoft Office are necessary for a lot of the office work, whilst creativity is especially helpful for coming up with suggestions for new fundraising ideas or ways to improve the charity.

Basic arithmetic skills are also required to keep the accounts in order and work the till.

Above all, punctuality, organisation skills and a good work ethic are required to ensure that work is done on time and always to the best of your ability.

Why it is a great opportunity for you? :

  • You are helping the children in need in South East Asia,
  • You will learn various tasks,
  • You will part in a great team and will work in a good environment.

If you are interested, please send your CV and Cover letter to Eugenie Prouvost

PS: We are always looking for volunteers!