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There are many ways you can support us, visit this page to see how we received support from donors and volunteers!

Children of the Mekong enters the British 10K race!

It’s time to do sport!

On the 12th of July, the British 10K will take place in London. This race is really popular and once again Children of the Mekong will be participating. Last year, our fabulous team of runners raised over £15,000 which contributed to the building of a foster home in Cambodia.

Some of the runners before the race!

Some of the runners before the race!


This year, we have 12 runners and we’re still looking for more! We give you the opportunity to join our team and to run for us. This year we aim to raise at least £15,000 which will be used to support the construction of two new classrooms in the village of Ban Homephan, Laos.



Group photo

Group photo of all the runners


If you would like to run for us, please let us know as soon as possible so we can register you for the race. Or if you can’t run but still want to get involved, ask your friends to join our team. Last but not least, feel free to come on the D-Day to encourage our runners!



Your green t-shirt is waiting for you!!

Written by Harry

Children of the Mekong’s charity shop is now open!

charity view 1

As you may know, Children of the Mekong was planning to open a charity shop in South West London, in Clapham Junction area, at 32 Lavender Hill, SW11 5RL.

After a few changes of plan and negociations with the landlord who needs to make some renovation works in the shop, we are opening a pop-up store for a few months!

Even if we will be open for business only for a short period of time, it is a great opportunity for us to get some experience in the retail business, see what works for us or what needs to be improved.

charity view 4

We are making a big bet here, the charity shop will be a good occasion for us to diversify our incomes and send even more children at school!

As we are a charity, every penny we earn thanks to the shop will go to the running of our organization and to our programmes in Southeast Asia.

As every other charity shop in London, we are selling a great range of different items: men and women clothes, shoes, handbags, kids toys and clothing, homewares, bric a 

charity view 3

A little twist with others charity shops though: we have an Asian handicraft corner; you can buy here presents for you or a relative, a little something you probably won’t find that easily somewhere else.brac, books, DVDs, games, jewelry, and much more!

This shop is also a good solution as we can finally settle and have an office!

We can now welcome all our supporters and volunteers in our brand new office and even offer them a cup of tea!

With the shop, we will extend our network: by having a high street shop, Children of the Mekong gains in visibility: more and more people are aware of our existence, they can walk-in and ask for information about Children of the Mekong, our missions, our values, the programmes we are running as well as the children we are sponsoring.

flore + sign

Now, how can YOU participate in this project?

Well, first you can donate items for us to sale.

We are always looking for:

• men’s and women’s clothing and shoes;

• children’s clothing, toys and games;

• books, multimedia like DVDs, CDs and vinyl, music instruments;

• accessories, non-pierced jewellery, belts, handbags;

• bric a brac, crockery, glassware, vases, tea sets, photo frames, bedding, curtains, cousin covers, small rugs and ornaments;

• any old clothes or textiles that are no longer useable can still raise money by being sold to textile merchants.

andriana + lucilla

Then you can volunteer with us at the shop: as we don’t have paid shop manager, the running of the shop rely only on volunteers.

You can join us to help on the sorting out, cleaning and preparing all the donations into saleable items, be in charge of the till, but also join us to support the admin and accounting. 

There are a lot of benefits for you too; you will be part of a friendly team, gain work experience, learn transferrable skills in retail, and meet new people everyday! It also brings you the satisfaction of knowing that the work you do in London is making a tremendous difference for the kids that Children of the Mekong is supporting.

So, what are you waiting to join us?

vitrine london weather

You can come and visit us anytime at the shop and you can always contact us via facebook, twitter or by email.

A big thank you to all of our volunteers and to everyone that helped us and wished us luck for this big challenge!

Hope to see you soon at the shop, 

Children of the Mekong team.


1 + 2 = 3

School in the UK has now begun for about a month. Don’t worry kids, half term will come along soon enough!

On a more relevant note, earlier this year we began constructing a second school in Ban Koy, you can read our update about it here if you haven’t done so yet. The funding for that project was entirely organised by the head girl and head boy of Bryanston School in Dorset. Now that school in the UK has commenced, we’d like to give all of our student (and teacher) readers something to consider.

Let’s do some Maths.

Sponsorship for one child costs £24 per month
Average number of pupils in a school class is 24 students
Sponsorship one class would pay a month is £24
Sponsorship each student would pay a month is £1

That’s right, ONE little pound.

Let’s take the math a little further and take a secondary school for example.
In this school there are seven years. Each year has five different tutor groups, each of 24 students. If each class sponsored a child, how many disadvantaged children would the whole school provide a future for?

7 X 5 = 35 Children

And let’s not forget how much the staff could raise if they donated £1 a month too.

We are a growing charity in the UK and we appreciate all of the sponsors and donations we receive, so please, if you can give us a hand.

Love, War and Hate

One of our generous trustees, Marcus Fedder has graciously donated a vast number of copies of his recent Novel to COTM.

His novel ‘Sarabande’ is a gripping love story in which deals with the conflict of the ties of family and homeland with the desire to forge a new life and the balance between hope and despair. It is a heart wrenching story of a young woman’s moral values and effort to maintain a pacifist view whilst being caught in the middle of a war that has hit her home town and killed many of her childhood friends. Through drawing parallels between great humanity and brutality, this book will most certainly leave you questioning your own principles and morality.

You can buy a brand new copy from us from only £5 by clicking here.

Big Challenges

Children of the Mekong is a young UK charity. We are grateful for all of our sponsors and volunteers and we appreciate any help we can get. We are always looking for new and passionate people to work with and provide flexible internship programmes too. Over the past summer, Alice interned for COTM. Now that her internship is over, we’ve asked Alice to do a short interview, reflecting on her time and work with the charity. If you’re interested in working with us, take a quick look!


How long have you been working with ‘Children of the Mekong’?
I worked for 3 months with COTM, from beginning of June to end of August 2013.

How did you hear about the charity?
I knew ‘Enfants du Mekong’ in Paris because it’s a big organisation in France. Then Eugenie Prouvost talked to me about the UK branch in London, COTM.

Why did you decide to intern with COTM over other, and possibly bigger charities?
As part of my studies, I had to complete an internship. I choose COTM because it’s a small charity facing big challenges. It means that there are important issues and a lot to do and to develop. Moreover, it’s located in London so I could improve my English. For these reasons it was very interesting for me.

What are you studying at the moment and how has working with COTM helped your course?
I’m doing a Master in Geopolitics and International Relations. COTM opened me up to a wider vision of international development and it is an illustration on how we can help building developing countries.

What was your role in the charity?
As any volunteer, I tried to give my best. I didn’t have one specific task but I participated in COTM’s Fundraising, Communication and Programs. For example, I helped developing projects such as Schools’ partnership, providing logistic support for events like British 10K, raising funds by identifying trusts and foundations and sending grants applications, creating the volunteers’ network, tools for Monitoring & Evaluation system…

What are you doing for the charity at the moment, now that your internship is over?
Since the end of my internship, I try to keep involved in COTM raising funds. I work from home -from France- on applications for funding and stay in touch with the Operations Manager.

Now that you are in France, will you be working with ‘Enfants du Mekong’?
‘Enfants du Mekong’ and COTM do not offer the same work conditions and challenges. Furthermore, COTM has many assets -a dynamic team of volunteers, an institutional environment well organised, a socio-economic framework very developed…- that’s why I would prefer staying in touch with the UK organisation.

What has been your favourite part of working with COTM?
Being involved in projects and events forCOTM has been a very exciting part of the work. It gives life to COTM’s mission; it increases its visibility and gives sense to our actions.

We wish you good luck with completing your degree, Alice!

If you’re interested in volunteering your time and skills to work with us, please feel free to contact us or send your CV to Amy .


Volunteer with us!

We are always looking for passionate people to support our goal: helping children have access to a proper education and to prepare for their future.

There are lots of different ways for you to get involved and make a difference for children in Southeast Asia!

Here are just a few options, but feel free to contact us if you have any further ideas!

volunteeringFundraising – increase the income of the charity to support more children

–  Organise or Take Part in a Fundraising Event
Whatever your interest, there is something you can do to help raise funds for Children of the Mekong!

– Take part in one of our fundraising challenges:  there are opportunities for you in challenges such as the London to Paris Cycle, the Ben Nevis Weekend Trek and many others…

– Alternatively, you could make your own event to raise money. Events can be organized at work, with friends or within the community. Possible ideas include sponsored walks, cake sales, or you may want to host a raffle or a quiz!

Find new sponsors for children. Child sponsorship makes a significant difference in a child’s life. Help spread the word and help us finding new sponsors!

Encourage your company or school to take part in our child sponsorship programme or to fundraise for our development projects, such as building schools, roads or wells.

Write grant applications to Trusts and Foundations, or develop sponsorships with companies.

Communications – help spread the word and increase the visibility of the charity

– Social Media and blogs: You can help spread the word by liking our Facebook page and sharing our posts! Follow us on Twitter and retweet our tweets!

Each of our volunteers is guided by the Operations Manager and primarily works from home, with regular meetings with the Children of the Mekong team.

We also make it a priority to give something back to our volunteers! We have recently launched our Volunteers’ Network. One of the primary purposes of this project is to facilitate the organization of fun social events for our volunteers, which will provide them with opportunities to meet one another, to make new friends, and to network!

Do you want to join our team? Send your CV to Amy :