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For You And For Me, And The Entire Human Race

Our volunteers, Love Joshua Omoraiyewa wrote an essay to raise awareness on the millions of children who are not going to school in the world. We are pleased to share it with you!

Dear Vie,

How are you doing? You passed by me today. You looked absolutely gorgeous. Your tailored suit is amazing, it looked really perfect. The sun formed a halo around your head as you walked by, almost like a protective shield. We all stared in awe. I have always admired you. You are such a great inspiration. I say to my friends all the time ‘see Vie, I’ll grow up to be like him someday’. I want to walk like you, talk like; I want to have your charisma. I want to be you.  But I have a quarrel against you.

You never acknowledge my presence. Why I ask? I know we are not friends or family but I consider you part of my life. I look up to you. I always keep tabs on you, but don’t worry I’m not a stalker. I never change my spot, I am always at the same place, watching and waving at you as you walk by. Remember now? No? Ok, I wear this particular brown striped shirt and black trousers that have holes in time. The holes I consider customized designs just like the little brooch you always have on your shirts (we are so unique). I always tuck in the shirt, just like you Vie. Common!!!! You still can’t remember me? It’s me Vie, I’m always smiling especially when I see you because I know someday I’m going to be like you. Yes, I must. When I’m not watching you, then I’m admiring the school children as they get on and off buses. They all look so posh and cherubic, they are like a mini you Vie, they all have the potentials to be like you. I hope they realize this and do not throw away this opportunity.

Anyway, remember me now vie. I remember one day I tried to talk to you but you pushed me away like I was germ. But I understood that you don’t like to talk to strangers. When I told my mum, she said you did it because you don’t mix with people in the lower class, which is my class. I did not understand what she meant, I still don’t. I do not even go to school, how can I have a class? Even if I did, of course we can’t be in the same class. You’re much older. She smiled and said I thought like a child. I’m a child after all and adult talk sometimes is too complicated for me to understand.

Remember me now? I guess not. It’s not your fault. There are so many children like me Vie. Just the other day, I saw a boy who had the same customized holes I had and I thought to myself, ‘how would Vie recognize me now’. You won’t believe our numbers. We are in every street, every corner, and every bus station. We do not care about what we will eat or where we will eat. We just want to be like you, we want to go to school.

By Love Joshua Omoraiyewa



Do you know that about 61 million primary school-age children around the world are not in school? Poor kids often can’t go to school because they need to work to help their families survive.

More than 70% of out-of-school children live in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. (Source:

Children of the Mekong help to train and educate these children in Southeast Asia. You can support by sponsoring a child or making a donation.

We understand that you cannot help the whole world, but you can start by helping one child at a time.

Let’s make the world a better place.